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Month: January 2012

Local 107.3fm Top 30 For the Week Ending: Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Here are the latest Local 107.3fm charts for the week ending Tuesday, January 17, 2012. Tune in next week to the Local 107.3fm Top 30 live on Tuesday mornings from 8-10am to hear selections from this week’s charts.

This Week/Last Week/Artist/Title

1 — Rae Spoon I Can’t Keep All Your Secrets
2 — Girls Would Kill Bloodshed
3 re Penny Blacks Harbour
4 — Owen Gilbride Trax
5 — Cannon Bros. Cannon Bros
6 — Long Weekends Don’t Reach Out
7 — nothingilistic Celebrant
8 — Miesha & The Spanks / The Sphinxs Miesha & The Spanks / The Sphinxs Split
9 re Corey Isenor The Hunting Party
10 — The Kirby Sewell Band Bought Myself a Hammer
11 — Yamantaka // Sonic Titan YT//ST
12 re Sandro Perri Impossible Spaces
13 re Adam Mowery They Won’t Know Where We Are – Live at CHSR
14 re Phil Flowers People People
15 re Deadly Hearts, The The Deadly Hearts
16 — Jenny Berkel Here On A Wire
17 — Rat Silo The Great Northern Way
18 — Tessa Kautzman Shredded Eagle, Sad Tambourine
19 — Nicole Aube Philosoft
20 re Various Folk Songs Of Canada Now
21 re Lord Bubba’s Nu Jazz The Nu Standards
22 re Oh My Darling Sweet Nostalgia
23 re The Stretch Orchestra The Stretch Orchestra
24 re Greg MacPherson Disintegration Blues
25 — Jom Comyn Sunstroke
26 — Bleeding Horse Express Going South
27 — Darlings of Chelsea Panic Is Worse Than The Emergency
28 re Al Tuck Under Your Shadow
29 re Feist Metals
30 re Odonis Odonis Hollandaze

Weekend Picks: Andrew Sisk, Ermine, and Tom Fun!

This is an exciting weekend for the Saint John music scene.

Friday evening there is an in-store performance at Backstreet Records. Andrew Sisk, über-babe and the talented musician behind Share, performs at 6 PM. He is playing in support of his first solo album “Treelines”, which will be released January 31st.

Saint John legends Ermine are reuniting for a few dates around the Maritimes. The Saint John show will also take place Friday evening at Peppers. On Vinyl will open around 11PM. This is the band’s first show in Saint John since 2008. The band formed in 2001 as super team of local musicians, including Matt Belyea, Mike Belyea, Chuck Teed, & later James Blanchard. The band released two albums, 2003’s “Maps of the Rise and Fall”, and 2006’s “The Murra”, recorded after the band relocated to Halifax. Most of the band members now reside elsewhere around the Maritimes and the world.

photo by Nathan Boone

On Saturday evening Pepper’s hosts Cape Breton’s whimsical wonders the Tom Fun Orchestra. It’s been a few years since this massive indie rock ensemble has played in the port city. Their music incorporates both electric and acoustic instruments including guitar, piano, violin, stand-up bass, accordion, and banjo. You will usually see no fewer than 8-10 members on stage, led by Sydney’s Ian MacDougall. 2008’s “You Will land With a Thud” netted the band multiple awards including ECMA Galaxy Rising Star Award. A second full length album is forthcoming. There are no advance tickets, so arrive early and pay at the door.

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New Music at Local 107.3fm – Jan 13 2012

Wondering what new tunes our DJs readily have their hands on? Below is a list of the latest selections added into rotation at Local 107.3fm. Call 648-5925 when a DJ is taking requests to hear anything from these albums.

Girls Would Kill – Girls Would Kill
Owen Gilbride – Trax 2011
Phil Flowers – People People
Nothingilistic – Celebrant
Rae Spoon – I Can’t Keep All Of Our Secrets
Long Weekends – Don’t Reach Out 7″
Age of the Glaive – New Horizons
The Barmitzvah Brothers – Growing Branches
Hypnotics – static FUZZ radio
Jaidene Veda – Pisces Pendulum
The Lost Lovers Brigade – Little Skeletons
River – Light Up to Burn Out
Tim Bastmeyer – Tim Bastmeyer
Jenny Berkel – Here On A Wire
Carlo Meriano – Sticka Ikebana
Darlings of Chelsea – Panic Is Worse Than The Emergency
Bleeding Horse Express – Going South
Cannon Bros. Firecracker/Cloudglow
Ballgag N’ Chain Gang – Bang!
Vanessa Cardui = Thought Experiment
Edda Magnason – Goods
Collen Brown – Dirt
Simon TJ – Each Sparrow
Kirby Sewell Band – Bought Myself A Hammer
Darrelle London – Eat a Peach
Carly Maicher – Hiding
Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus
Sikala, Lemanczyk, & Hornby – Able To Fly
Stopped Caring – Grown-Ups
Breathe Knives/Kataplexis – Split
Society’s Ills – S/T
Corgasm – Corgasm

Giraffecycle Updates

OK, it’s 2012, and we’re hoping to revamp the site even more this year. Here are some plans we have in the horizon:

Saint John Music Poll Five Year Anniversary –  We’re hoping the take the event to the next level this year, so expect some changes to the format, and a few new categories. We’ll be posting the poll in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for updates.

Updates to the Main Page – We’re hit and miss with the weekly front page updates, so we’re currently looking for new blood to help with content. If you’re interested in contrubuting to the main page or shows section (which also needs upkeep), drop me a line at

Forum Updates – We have improved the back end of the forum, which has resulted in less spam and quicker response times to people signing up for accounts. We’re still investigating ways to make the process more efficient, so expect more updates from this front.

Public Visibility – For one of the longest running cultural websites in the community, we don’t do a good job of putting ourselves out there. Expect some GC related public events and promotion in 2012.

That’s it for now. Happy New Year!