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Month: May 2012

One Sleep 'till The Originals

The Originals/Les Originaux were first launched in 2010 as part of the Saint John 225 festivities. This event returns to celebrate our local arts community at Imperial Theatre on Thursday, May 31st.

I’m proud to call many of these amazing nominees friends. Congratulations to each of you.

2012 Finalists

Emerging Artist Award:

An individual artist, in any genre, who has been pursuing his/her practice for fewer than five years and is no longer a student in his/her field.
Finalists: Babette Hayward | Jared Peters | Philip Savage

Visual Arts Award:

An individual or group that has made a significant contribution to the visual arts.
Finalists: Herzl Kashetsky | Carol Taylor | Cliff Turner

Film and New Media Arts Award:

An individual or group who has made a significant contribution to film or new media arts.
Finalists: Steven Doiron | Nathan Savage

Arts Supporter Award:

A volunteer who has made a significant contribution to the arts community.
Finalists: Brian Goodwin | Gerry Taylor

Precious Exports Award:

An individual or group, and a Saint Johner at heart, who has made a significant contribution to the arts community from afar.
Finalists: Jesse Ash | Stuart Howe | Christopher Lloyd

Popular Music Award:

An individual or group that has made a significant contribution in any musical genre other than classical.
Finalists: Penny Blacks | Clinton Charlton | Stephanie Mainville

Classical Music Award:

An individual or group that has made a significant contribution in classical music.
Finalists: Tim Blackmore | Wenmei Li | Saint John String Quartet
Performing Arts Award for Theatre:

An individual or group that has made a significant contribution in theatre.
Finalists: Scott Thomas | Kate Wilcott | Stephen Tobias

Performing Arts Award for Dance:

An individual or group that has made a significant contribution in dance.
Finalists: Connection Dance Works | Andrea Scott | Georgia Rondos

Arts Organization Award:

An organization that has made a significant contribution to the arts.
Finalists: InterAction Children’s Theatre Company | Saint John Theatre Company | Third Space Gallery

Business (Patron) for the Arts Award:

An individual or corporation, not working in the arts, who has made a significant contribution to supporting the arts.
Finalists: Philip Huggard | Commercial Properties Ltd. (John Irving)

Imperial Theatre Lifetime Achievement Award:

An individual who has demonstrated an extraordinary body of work over a significant period of time.
Recipient: Dr. Thomas J. Condon

Vintage Bistro Closing?

Word on the street is that Vintage Bistro is closing its doors. No word yet as to when, but Mary Stewart’s show this weekend is cancelled, as is Christina Martin’s upcoming CD release party. Stay tuned for confirmation, but it doesn’t look good at this point.

Local 107.3 want to spread your music nationwide!

From the desk of programming director Jud Crandall:

From June 12 through 17, the staff of your community voice, Local 107.3fm, will be attending the annual National Campus/Community Radio Association conference in Kingston, Ontario, and we want to take YOU, the musicians of the Greater Saint John area!

Local 107.3fm is inviting local musicians to submit their music to us to take to Kingston to distribute to our fellow community radio delegates from across Canada. All you have to do is supply us with as many hard copy incarnations of your music as possible, and we will take care of the rest. With upwards of 50-80 NCRA member stations slated to be in attendance, you will have to cough up a lot of tunes, but you get instant national (and possibly even international) distribution.

Before end of business Friday, June 8, 2012, you must deliver to the Local 107.3fm offices, your music in any of the following formats:

~ CD
~ Cassette
~ Vinyl
~ Promo cards/flyers with download sites, codes, etc., indicated
~ Any other format feasible for broadcast airplay (i.e., don’t worry about being clever and giving us music on VHS or some such thing, because you will be hard-pressed to find a station with a VCR in their broadcast booth)

Your submissions must be delivered to our office in the TJC Student Centre on the UNBSJ campus, and they must be contained in some kind of box, bag, envelope, etc., for practical transportation. If any alternate plans need to be made, please e-mail, but we will be relying upon you to handle as much of the delivery leg-work as possible and we will take it from there to the nation.

You can also snail-mail submission to Local-fm at the following address:

100 Tucker Park Rd.
Thomas J Condon Building RM 235, UNBSJ
Saint John, NB Canada

We reserve the right to leave behind music that cannot be transported due to complications arising from any of the above factors. We will also not be responsible for delivery to specific stations or regions if you can only supply limited quantities.

We look forward to spreading the good gospel of our fine Port City musicians, so please take us up on this and fill our boots with loads of local goodness!

Sistema Documentary Airs Tomorrow on CBC

Sistema hopes to create radical social change in the communities it calls home through its after school orchestral music program. Saint John is fortunate to be such a community. Sistema improves social development by instilling confidence and teaching the values of teamwork and collective action through the universal language of music.

New Brunswick’s Hemmings House Pictures will screen “Sistema Revolution”, a documentary about the program’s Venezuelan beginnings, on CBC television, Saturday May 26th at noon. From the Hemmings House blog:

Sistema Revolution is a documentary about radical social change inspired by classical music. The film follows a group of directors from the internationally-acclaimed “New Brunswick Youth Orchestra” as they explore how Venezuela has developed the world’s leading social program that today exports more classical musicians than anywhere on the planet. (“Best Overall Pilot” at the Banff World Television Festival). The NBYO board of directors become inspired to roll out a similar music program in New Brunswick. Sistema New Brunswick is now in its third successful year and has inspired hundreds of children from all backgrounds to learn classical music daily and become strong global citizens.

Watch the trailer here.

Visit El Sistema here.