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Month: May 2012

Election Night Results Party and Film Screening Tonight

Pulled from Facebook.  If you are a film buff and a political junkie, go to the Somerset tonight and enjoy the best of both worlds. Fun starts at 7:00PM.

Cast your vote, and then come join us for a dynamic evening of discussion, film screening, and real-time elections results as they roll in!

In our final Speakeasy Film Series, we will screen local filmmaker Gretchen Kelbaugh’s MENocracy, a film which focuses on aspects of the role of women in government.

The film is divided into three parts, which will allow for us to allow for dialogue and to also check in with our elections results coverage as it unfolds.

Mark's Review Corner

Penny Blacks Part One
By Mark Carpenter
May 5, 2012

Only in recent years, with the proliferation of indie artists, social media, and micro-labels, and the decline of discs, has the EP become a commonly used format in North America. The wonderful thing about EP’s is, minus the burden of sustaining an 11 or 12-song album, artists can really push their boundaries, and provide us, the listeners, a grab-bag of their talents. Eclecticism is the name of the game on Penny Blacks’ EP, Gold Standards. “Chop Yourself Into Little Pieces and Mail Yourself to New Brunswick, Canada For Immediate Reassembly” is the sardonic title of the opener, a wistful paean to a lost love with defiant bursts of energy punctuating the acoustic reverie. This is followed by the country pastiche, “Your Wedding Ring.” The retro arrangement, with its plaintive pedal steel, meshes with the pleading vocal to create a great, vintage-sounding heartbreaker.

Next is “Paperwork,” a melodic pop song, with great harmony vocals, and a welcome tinge of bitterness. The lyric is replete with references to Saint John, and the observation, “…embalmer’s fluid doesn’t flow quite like blood.” “Splinter Kiss” follows, a depressive acoustic lament with a tense undercurrent that builds to a surprisingly rousing climax. ‘Socorro” is the final track, a jaunty folk-pop tune with charming Beatlesque harmonies.

Penny Blacks is a Saint John supergroup of sorts, with among them an assembly of names we’ve already encountered in this column: Clinton Charlton, Chris Braydon, and Chuck Teed. Led by Jason Ogden, they also have an album, Harbour, which I will review next week.

Cheers everybody. Send your feedback, link, whatever you wish to

THE TIME HAS COME (for National Youth Arts Week)

Saint John’s Best DJ and Master of Disaster himself Jud Crandall brings the good people of the port city “two days of weird bleak pulp rock & roll music” as part of the National Youth Arts Week. The fest kicks off with an all-ages event celebrating young upstarts at the Interaction School of Performing Arts in the Sanctuary Theatre on May 4th at 6PM. The show features Wooden Wives with an all-new lineup, Reagans Rayguns, [learning], and Gavin Downes. The Wives rise again on the 5th at a 19+ performance at the Water Street Dinner Theatre. They will be joined by Bad Vibrations, Construction & Destruction, Adam Mowery, & Laura Peek.

The cover for each show is 5$ and 8$ respectively, or you can pick up a nifty weekend pass at Backstreet Records for the low, low price of 10 bones.

This amazing weekend of rock is supported by Backstreet Records, The Feel Good Store, Interaction School of Performing Arts, Printing Plus and Local 107.3fm.


If you have an age 13+ guy or gal with an interest in pottery, register them to make bowls with Alison Gayton at the Saint John Arts Center on May 3rd at individual times between 6-9 PM. The bowls will be donated to the Empty Bowls fundraiser for Outflow in October. Outflow is a community group dedicated to feeding people in Saint John. Call the SJAC to register at 633-4870.


Check for further events at the page below or the National Youth Arts Week NB Facebook page.

National Youth Arts Week May 1st-7th