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Month: August 2012

David R. Elliott touring Maritimes this fall

Saint John’s David R. Elliott is no stranger to perseverance. He has toured numerous times in the last several years, often sacrificing the security of a steady day job to promote his music. He is once again touring across the Maritimes in support of his new album “Sam Hill”. This is his fifteenth release since 2007.

Elliot’s song writing springs from country and folk traditions with his own eclectic touch, or as described by his website “a working class aesthetic (…) refracting the timeless truths of folk music through the prism of often dark and experimental influences”. Elliot’s interest in hip-hop undoubtedly colours the more experimental aspects of his music.

He is playing in Saint John September 7th at Taco Pica with Clinton Charlton. You can find him in Fredericton on September 6th at Cafe Loka with Brydon Crain.
You can listen to the album here . The digital album is available for a mere 5$

Sept. 2nd – Knowlesville, NB, Fallsbrook Centre
Sept. 3rd – Charlottetown, PEI, Baba’s Lounge
Sept. 4th – Moncton, NB, Plan B
Sept. 6th – Fredericton, NB, Cafe Loka w/ Brydon Crain
Sept. 7th – Saint John, NB, Taco Pica w/ Clinton Charlton
Sept. 9th – Halifax, NS, The Company House w/ Mike Trask
Sept. 13th – Halifax, NS, The Company House (Summer’s Eve Festival)
Oct. 20th – Halifax, NS, Taz Records in-store

Local 107.3fm Summer BBQ + A Slow Day In The Park happens TONIGHT

To thank you for your continuing support of Local 107.3, your campus-and-community radio, we would like to invite you to our 5th annual summer BBQ & Potluck in Rockwood Park.

The event will begin at 6 PM in the A Frame Picnic Area tonight, Friday, August 17th. This event is open to members of our volunteer groups as well as our listeners, supporters, and their families. There will be live music following the BBQ at 9pm called “A Slow Day In The Park”.

Tonight: Gallery Hop & iRock Finale Show

Get out and and about for your seasonal tour of Saint John’s best art collections. As usual, galleries are open 4-6 and 5-8 as shown on the poster.

 At 7PM you can head to the Interaction School of Performing Arts for the finale of the iRock Summer Intensive Music Camp entitled : Time & Relative Dimension in Sound featuring songs by artists such as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Brian Adams, Nirvana & Eric Clapton. Tickets are 10$ at the door.

If neither of these are your speed, check out NB’s best 80s band Pretty in Pink on the Market Square Boardwalk. Show starts at 8PM with multiple sets throughout the night.

Interview with: Paul Henderson from Sappyfest

If you aren’t ready to let the wonder of Sappyfest 7 pass just yet, I’m happy to say that Barb Crawford of agreed to crossposting her Sappy related interviews on Thanks Barb! More installements to come.


Hey Paul! Tell me about yourself and what you do!

I’m the Creative Director and Co-founder of SappyFest. I look after most aspects of the operation here throughout the year despite not being significantly compensated to do so. I also run a (mostly) graphic design company, Redesign Sackville, working mainly for clients in the cultural industries; bands, record labels, venues and cultural organizations. I spend too much time online. I am from Edmonton/Calgary/Watson Lake/Dawson City. I think a lot about improving Sackville. I’ve recently become interested loosely in our built environment, economic development, and municipal horseshit of one kind or another.

{ Shotgun Jimmie }

{ Photo by Evan Pooley. Stolen from his flickr }

Sappyfest is turning 7 this year!

Tell me about the past few years and how you’re feeling going into year 7.

The past few year have seen our awkward little baby grow into a beautiful and dopey child ready for grade school. I’m feeling excited, incredibly occupied, somewhat annoyed by the weather and tired of the cyclical nature of programming a seasonal event.

{ Charles Bradley }

{ Photo by Patrick Callbeck. Stolen from his flickr }

What is the the coolest thing that’s happened at Sappyfest over the past 6 years.

Charles Bradley. Without a doubt. Hands down. No Question. Absolutely. Do your lifeforce a favour and go see him at Halifax Jazz and/or Harvest Jazz & Blues in Fredericton this summer.

Sappyfest has become a “go to festival” in the Atlantic Canada music scene.

When Sappyfest was just a baby, was this always the plan?

I don’t see why anyone would start a festival that wasn’t a ‘go to’. That is bad business. So yes, that was always the plan, for us, and the people that came. There are just more of them now.

{ Regine from Shark Attack aka Arcade Fire }

{ Photo by Evan Pooley. Stolen from his flickr }

Last year’s surprise Shark Attack show was pretty unexpected.

How hard was it keeping that a secret? Were there any crazy logistics getting a band that size on your stage?

I’m glad you thought so. It wasn’t that hard because I like lying to the press and my friends. It also worked out that the rumours started before the thought crossed our minds, so the work was done in a lot of ways. There were logistics, I wouldn’t describe them as crazy though. It is still only rock and roll, they are band, they play instruments. Convincing their crew to simplify things for our stage took a bit of work, but they were all amazing to deal with. A very incredible bunch of hard working and accommodating professionals.

The lineup for Sappyfest this year is really exciting.

Bry Webb, Fucked Up, Marine Dreams, Snailhouse…

How many acts do you invite to play versus the amount of applications you receive to perform?

A vast majority are invited. We pride ourselves on our curation. That said, we continue to accept submissions due to the joy of discovery and surprise. We also refuse to charge for the application process, because that just doesn’t seem to fair.

Over the years, have you ever taken a chance on an act and been blown out of the water?

In some ways all acts are a gamble, the odds are just different. At the same time we trust our programming instincts, the hunch. I remember hearing people like Apollo Ghosts or Jennifer Castle for the first time, and freaking out, having to wake up my roommates to confirm if they were as good as I thought. Of course I was right! They were amazing. Bonjay was step in a different direction for us and that went over incredibly well. Weird is good generally, artists over 50 are the best to deal with (Jon Langford, Jerry Granelli). I actually don’t get to see a whole lot, my mind is blown in entirely different ways for the weekend unfortunately. I really on feedback to gauge or programming successes for the most part.

{ One Hundred Dollars }

{ Photo by Evan Pooley. Stolen from his flickr }

What’s a typical day like for you?

Smoothie and toast. Walk 2.5 blocks to the office which we share with You’ve Changed Records and Pigeon Row Publicity. Make coffee. Sit at this computer and solve/share all the stupid problems i’ve enabled by being moderately imaginative and dumb enough to be proactive. Go for a pint. Eat. Engage socially with a wonderful bunch of people who still tolerate my friendship. Sleep.

What’s your dream day?

My dream day would involve a variety of positive sexual interactions, a good cup of coffee, 2-3 great meals, an opportunity to talk/eat/drink with good people (and hopefully a lover) about good ideas, perhaps a half day of work, a walk or bike ride by some woods/water, a warm evening breeze, the crackle and subsequent songs of a (new) favourite record, and some modest respite from the horrors of this living shit pile of a world.

{ Win from Shark Attack aka Arcade Fire }

{ Photo by Evan Pooley. Stolen from his flickr }

What’s next?

I will hit send. Piss. Begin again.


Sappyfest 7 is just around the corner. It’s hard to believe that the show is in about four and a half weeks. You can pick up tickets to the festival by clicking here.

Check out this super fun trailer for the event:

SappyFest 2012 Teaser from SappyFest on Vimeo.

And here’s the schedule…. (click any of the graphics to be linked to the Sappyfest homepage).

… Thanks to Paul and Matt for making this happen.


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