Music & Arts news from Southern New Brunswick

Month: March 2013

Local 107.3fm Presents “I Love Livin’ In The Port City III”

Gather ’round children, for a super special story of punk rock and fundraising: I Love Livin’ In The Port City III, to be held this March 30, 2013 at Peppers Pub…

Sometimes, on a very magical April Fools or Hallowed Eve, the grubby stardust of community radio swirls into being great counterculture and underground voices of days gone by, to play for our fair Port City at ridiculously low ticket prices and in unbelievably small venues for artists of their stature (or sometimes mortality), all to raise fund$ for your campus & community voice, Local 107.3fm (CFMH-FM).

So far we have hosted the sounds and styles of Billy Bragg, X, The Smiths, The Cramps, Pixies, The Stooges, Allen Ginsberg and Chuck Bukowski. Who will take the stage this year!?

We are happy to announce that The Clash, The B-52s, and Husker Du will be bringing their fine classic sounds to Saint John in just a few weeks’ time for the small sum of $8.

Radiostars: The Wayouts

The Wayouts will be representing New Brunswick in Radiostar’s National Songwriting Competition. Voting has closed, but we wish the Wayouts luck when the national winners are announced March 19th, during which they perform at Toronto’s Canadian Musicfest. Prizes include 10 grand, and a recording package with Metalworks Institute in Halifax!

The Wayouts are an alternative rock band from Saint John, NB. Their 2011 EP can be heard on bandcamp.