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Month: May 2013

Montreal blues favorite Cécile Doo-Kingué

Montreal’s Cécile Doo-Kingué hits the Maritimes this weekend, starting with Fredericton’s Cedar Tree Cafe tomorrow evening. Her deep, soulful vocals compliment her dazzling blues fretwork and African Folk influence. Doo-Kingué, a first generation New Yorker born to Cameroonian immigrants, has lived in France and the US before becoming a resident of Montréal. In addition to appearances at the Montreal Jazz Festival, she has accomplished an extensive amount of collaboration and production, including mixing the United Steel Workers of Montreal albums, Broken Trucks and Bottles and Kerosene & Coal. In 2008, Doo-Kingué and Gern f. of USWOM started Chick Pickin’ Mondays, a night promoting women singer-songwriters. She will be in Saint John Saturday evening at Peppers.

Montréalaise, Cécile Doo-Kingué, arrive dans les Maritimes ce weekend, commençant demain soir à Cedar Tree café, Fredericton. Sa voix sauve complimente sa guitare blues éblouissante, à la fois les rythmes afro-traditionnelles. Doo-Kingué, nés à New York des parents camerounais, a vécu en France et aux États-Unis avant de devenir résidente de Montréal. En plus de ses apparitions au Festival de Jazz de Montréal, elle a accompli nombreuses collaborations et production, y compris le mix des deux albums des United Steelworkers of Montreal: Broken Trucks and Bottles et Kerosene & Coal. En 2008, Doo-Kingué et Gern f. de USWOM a réalisé Chick Pickin’ Mondays, une soirée de promotion des femmes auteurs-compositeurs. Elle sera à Saint John samedi soir au Peppers.

May 16 mai: 7:30 – No Cover/Artist Appreciation – Cedar Tree Cafe, Fredericton, NB
May 17 mai: 11PM – 5$ – Peppers Pub, Saint John, NB

Other maritime dates:

May 18 mai: Red Herring Pub, St Andrew, NB
May 19 & 20 mai: Plan B, Moncton, NB
May 21 mai: Trailside Cafe, Mount Stewart, PEI (with Scott Parsons)
May 22 mai: Grains de folie, Caraquet, NB

Best of Saint John Music Poll – Nominees Announced!

Giraffecycle is pleased to announce the nominees of the sixth annual Saint John Music Poll:

Best Female Artist
Babette Hayward
Marissa Rignanesi
Mary Beth Marks

Best Male Artist
Adam Washburn
Clinton Charlton
David R. Elliot

Best Group
Little You, Little Me
Reagan’s Rayguns
Wooden Wives

Best New Artist
Black Van Trio
Verse The Sun

Album of the Year
Adam Mowery – St. Joseph’s Mechanical Penthouse
Marissa Rignanesi – This Side of the Snow
Wooden Wives – Pilot To Gunner

Song of The Year
Adam Washburn – Paradise
Black Van Trio – I’ve Got Time
Rock Cliff Overview – Spirits of the Dawn

Most Likely To Make It Big
Adam Washburn
Little You, Little Me
Mary Beth Marks

Best Musician
Adam Kierstead
Adam Washburn
Sean Boyer

Best Venue
Peppers Pub
Pub Down Under
Somerset Pub

Local Concert of the Year
I Love Living In The Port City I – Somerset Pub, March 31, 2012
I Love Living In The Port City II – Somerset Pub, October 27, 2012
Matt Minglewood w/Adam Washburn – Somerset Pub, November 17, 2012

Best Radio Program
Information Morning, CBC
Smashed! Blocked!, Local 107.3 FM
Tin Can Beach, Local 107.3 FM

Best Video
Adam Washburn – Paradise
Clinton Charlton – Devil In My Hands
Rock Cliff Overview – Spirits Of The Dawn

Best Fan
Jud Crandall
Nick Cameron
Tish Tash Byrne

Album Artwork
Black Van Trio – We’re Not Cool
December Fall Out – See Sharp, It’s Not Bad
Wooden Wives – Pilot To Gunner

Winners will be announced at Peppers Pub May 31. The event features performances by Little You, Little Me and David R. Elliot, and is hosted by Chuck Teed, Clinton Charlton, and Anthony Enman. More details are expected to be announced soon, so please stay tuned!
Special thanks to Local 107.3FM for their support of the event.

AL Tuck releases: "Stranger at the Wake"

Al Tuck releases his seventh album – “Stranger at the Wake” – next Friday May 17th at Taco Pica with guest David R. Elliot. Some tracks are a departure from earlier releases; a difficult thing to say when speaking about an artist who cherry-picks from rock, funk, jazz, irish folk, gospel, and country to form his unique sound.

From the press release: Many of the lyrics occupy that sweet spot Tuck has found somewhere between Bob Dylan’s self-renewing complexities and Hank Williams’ straight-shooting minimalism. The subject matter ranges from the theological to the socio-political, through the post-marital and back again. A tale told of life on the road is followed by a postcard from home. The remarkable mingles with the mundane. Al’s method-acted role here is that of a part-time whisky-tippling, loose-cannon son of a preacher man.

“I feel like we have our own living legend. And he’s alive, he’s out on tour… everyone in their right mind should just go sit and listen. He weaves slow stories from the infinite wide range of things that usually stick in the rest of our throats. We’re lucky he’s got the words and he’s sharing them.” – Feist

“Al Tuck is the real deal, a songwriter of the highest order, blessed and possessed with a double dose of the gift. Cut from the same cloth, as any of our country’s greatest: Neil Young, Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell. I’m fully aware of how outlandish and overwrought a statement this might seem, but I’ve felt this way for years now, and with every new record of Al’s, I’m further convinced. Hands down, he’s the greatest songwriter of my generation, an opinion shared by many of my peers.” – Jason Collett

Stranger at the Wake completes a trilogy of albums, preceded by “Under Your Shadow” and “Food for the Moon”.

Showtime is 8:30pm and cover is pay what you can. As with all Taco Pica gigs, I recommend you arrive early and expect a packed house.