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Month: November 2013

Naked Baron is Sinking in Your Teeth

When you hear Naked Baron, you may think “I loved those guys? What happened to them?” For better or for worse – a lot – during the time the three piece went their separate ways. Ben Morgan, Brad Higgins, and John Morrison are back together in earnest, having worked hard on “Sinking in Your Teeth” to be released this Friday at Peppers.

Brad and Ben were close, growing up as distant cousins and living in the same area as Johnny. When Ben saw Johnny playing drums in the early 2000s, he knew they had to start something. “I knew Brad played bass, as he played with Happy Medium at the time. (We) called ourselves Naked Baron because it was an old comic book title that I used to write back in elementary school with Brad.”

The five song EP contains Ghost Town, Beamish, Beautiful Day, Peeling Back Your Skin, and Sleep Song. Ben has been playing Beautiful Day since penning it in High School, while Sleep Song was in the works just before the band parted ways. Song writing is a group affair, with Ben creating the skeleton of each song and the band fleshing it out.

“I was just starting to write that song when we did the video, so the version on the album is quite different. Heavier,” Ben says about Ghost Town. You can see the video below, made by Hemmings House, Nick Leblanc, and Jenn MacLean.

You can pick up the EP for a mere 10$ this Friday at Peppers. Naked Baron are joined by Wet Grow Light and cover is only 5$.

"this is The Shoes" on tour in support of EP 'Bust'

Travelling across Canada in a 1976 blue camper van, ‘this is The Shoes’ are bringing their raw soul, blues and rock music to a venue near you. Their reason for making the great trek across Canada, to promote their new EP titled ‘Bust’ which was released back in September of this year.

Sabrina Robson and Jereme Collette formed their two piece after meeting one another at their workplace in 2011 in Vancouver, BC. “I introduced Jer to the Black Keys and he introduced me to John Lee Hooker and we became friends and then started this band shortly after, and we haven’t looked back since. We are both so passionate about music, and especially blues music, and it’s been really cool to see how receptive people are to what we are doing. We have both been playing music since we were young, we feel more comfortable on stage than anywhere else.”

I know asking ‘what does your bands name mean?’ is such an obvious question, but i just had to ask Sabrina if there was a story behind the band name?

“We love The Beatles so very much and we were watching an interview with John Lennon and the interviewer asks him, why they are called The Beatles? John answers, ‘we could be called anything, we could be called the shoes.’ Unfortunately, ‘the shoes’ as a band name was already taken, so as an ode to Spinal Tap, we decided to go with, this is The Shoes, or TITS for short. In the end and just as John said, it doesn’t matter what we are called, we hope our music speaks for itself.”

Although Vancouver’s music scene is not well known for it’s blues music, Sabrina touched on, that it is the ever rainy and gloomy weather that really drives their sound. “Our music is less about the technical and more about the raw, baring your soul rock n’ roll sound.”

The song off their EP ‘Bust’ which first grabbed my attention was the track ‘Unfaithful’. It mixes Sabrina’s raw vocals with Jeremey’s subtle guitar licks. “Yeah, we really wanted to have a choir or a singing group to accompany us on this track, but it was becoming more and more difficult with our time constraints with recording, so Jereme, our friend Paolo, and myself layered the tracks to get the (choir) sound we wanted.”

Although this is The Shoes is normally a two piece, for this tour, they are bringing along their friends, and playing as a four piece. “You can expect us, but louder! (laughs) Rock N’ Roll and high energy! We really enjoy playing together and we hope that comes across when we people see us play live.”

Since they have been traveling across this great country, i wondered what artists or bands were being listened to most while on tour? “The Oh Sees, Shad, Big Mama Thorton, Pack A.D, and always The White Stripes.”

this is The Shoes wraps up their tour in Vancouver in December, but I wondered what we might expect from them in 2014?  “A lot more touring! We will head down to the states hopefully in the spring and then be back to the Maritimes hopefully later on in the summer.” Although Sabrina “couldn’t announce anything officially” about possibly playing local east coast music festivals this summer, I hope we see them a lot more over the coming months.

You can catch this is The Shoes in Fredericton at The Capital on Saturday November 9th with Dub Kartel, in Moncton at Plan B on Wednesday November 13th with their pal Corey Abell, who is along for the tour as their supporting act.