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A chat with Adam Mowery

adam mow
I met Adam in the hallowed halls of Junior High when grunge music and boy bands were climbing the charts simultaneously. I have watched Adam make music over the years, as a solo act, and with a band. Two things I know, he is extremely talented and very passionate about what he creates.

Adam was kind enough to take time to chat with me from the rainy streets of Halifax about his upcoming Shivering Songs performances.

How did you feel about being voted #1 on the SJ Playlist?
“Oh man, it feels really good. Thank you to Chuck Teed for putting that together.
Since I started recording and playing music, I always wanted to have a body of work people could refer to. Things that make sense from one record to the other. There are so many talented musicians in Saint John and it feels awesome to have been voted for.”

You recently played the NB Emerge Festival which was held over a weekend in Fredericton, how did you get involved with that?
“There is an awesome dude from Fredericton named Michael Taggert who plays in the Lee Harvey Oswalds and he has been such a friend and supporter of my music. He basically held my hand to get me into the festival. There are so many talented kids doing weird things, and that is so awesome to see. Super sweet folks in Fredericton put this festival on, it’s great we are all getting recognized for what we do and create. One of the prizes given at the end of the festival was a slot at Shivering Songs and I was super pleased to have won a spot in the festival.”

This will be your second time playing at Shivering Songs?
“Yeah, it will be my second time playing at Shivering Songs, the first time was during a Songwriters circle and it’s a little harder to stand out at something like that so I am looking forward to having a more intimate spot at Cedar Tree Cafe opening for Steve Poltz.”

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at Shivering Songs?
“I am most looking forward to seeing Ron Sexsmith. I have been a big fan of his since like 1999. When I was living in Saint John and travelling to Halifax to play shows, I would listen to his album ‘Whereabouts’ and it’s just a great album. I have seen him a couple of times and everyone should go, it’s going to be a really intimate and special show.”

When did you become interested in making music?
“I started taking guitar lessons, but I’m not sure at that time I really knew what I wanted to do. I guess in High School when I started playing coffee houses and acoustic shows, recording and making tapes of my stuff. I never wanted to be a rock band guy, That never appealed to me.”

What is the difference between the Halifax and Saint John music scene?
“I have been living in Halifax for yeah, two years now. The difference in the music scene in Halifax, there is more, there is more of everything though. More people, more culture, more music. In Saint John it was small enough that I could record a song, have it on the radio the following week, and then play a show that next weekend and people would have already have heard my new stuff. I certainly don’t think one cities music scene is better. There are more people in Halifax, but there are more musicians making music, and an audience that can check out a bigger selection of live music on the weekends.”

Tell me some Halifax bands you are currently into right now.
“Some Halifax bands I am digging right now? Walrus, they are a 60’s/70’s pysch band, Bestfiends, saw them in Sackville awhile back and really dug em, and The Fat Stupids, straight up-Ramones-esque punk, so fun to see live.”

What can we expect from you in 2014?
“Currently finishing up a solo EP. As well, many more shows with Mike Trask and the Precious Memories, as well working on two EP’s with The Grubbies. So yeah, I have many plates in the air. No word on festivals yet for this summer, but I certainly hope so.”

You can catch Adam Mowery opening for Steve Poltz on Saturday January 26th at 7pm at Cedar Tree Cafe and you can also catch him later that same evening playing w Mike Trask and The Precious Memories at The Capital Bar at 10:45pm.
Tickets for the Cedar Tree Show are available online Here or at the ticket kiosk at the Cedar Tree Cafe.