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Friday October 19, 2012
& guests
Lava Vodka Lounge, 375 1/2 King St

(Enter on Queen, between Harvey Studio and Radical Edge)

$15 (plus taxes/surcharge) tickets
available at

Doors 9:00pm :: Show at 9:30 pm
Show ends at Midnight

Oft credited with founding hardcore punk, Vancouver’s DOA will hit Fredericton for an October 19 show at The Lava Vodka Lounge (Nicky Zee’s Complex). Their 30 years on the road are a testament to how far they’ve spread the genre, and accordingly, DOA has been cited as a major influence of bands like The Offspring, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day and Rancid. They’re currently on the road in support of 2012’s We Come In Peace, the band’s excellent eighteenth studio album.

Mark's Review Corner

Penny Blacks Part One
By Mark Carpenter
May 5, 2012

Only in recent years, with the proliferation of indie artists, social media, and micro-labels, and the decline of discs, has the EP become a commonly used format in North America. The wonderful thing about EP’s is, minus the burden of sustaining an 11 or 12-song album, artists can really push their boundaries, and provide us, the listeners, a grab-bag of their talents. Eclecticism is the name of the game on Penny Blacks’ EP, Gold Standards. “Chop Yourself Into Little Pieces and Mail Yourself to New Brunswick, Canada For Immediate Reassembly” is the sardonic title of the opener, a wistful paean to a lost love with defiant bursts of energy punctuating the acoustic reverie. This is followed by the country pastiche, “Your Wedding Ring.” The retro arrangement, with its plaintive pedal steel, meshes with the pleading vocal to create a great, vintage-sounding heartbreaker.

Next is “Paperwork,” a melodic pop song, with great harmony vocals, and a welcome tinge of bitterness. The lyric is replete with references to Saint John, and the observation, “…embalmer’s fluid doesn’t flow quite like blood.” “Splinter Kiss” follows, a depressive acoustic lament with a tense undercurrent that builds to a surprisingly rousing climax. ‘Socorro” is the final track, a jaunty folk-pop tune with charming Beatlesque harmonies.

Penny Blacks is a Saint John supergroup of sorts, with among them an assembly of names we’ve already encountered in this column: Clinton Charlton, Chris Braydon, and Chuck Teed. Led by Jason Ogden, they also have an album, Harbour, which I will review next week.

Cheers everybody. Send your feedback, link, whatever you wish to

Mark's Review Corner

A Quick Greeting
By Mark Carpenter
April 24,  2012


Hello everyone; ok, apologies again in order. I’ve become much busier with my day job(s) then I expected in recent weeks, so another huge delay on the latest column. I hope to churn ’em out a little more quickly going forward. Next week, Part 1 of 2 on Penny Blacks. The week after, Part 2. The week after that, a review of a new CD by a certain elderly Canadian legend. Again, Please send me your music, or music you think I’ll find interesting. Here’s my contact info: Cheers!