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Author: Brian

The 7th Annual Keggnog

KeggNog 2014 copy

Hold the date for the always excellent holiday shindig tradition, Keggnog!

Local 107.3fm holds our 7th Annual Live-Broadcast Holiday Special, KEGGNOG ’14 on Thursday, December 4, 2014! Join your campus & community radio family for 2 fun-filled hours of music, stories, gift-swaps, shenanigans and, of course, delicious eggnog.

This year we feature musical entertainment from local artists David Mudge, Jerry-Faye Flatt and Tooth & the Fang , keyboard maestro extraordinaire Peter MacDonald, antics from Improvisation Corporation and welcome our host for the evening, Tim Turnell!

Join us in UNBSJ’s Whitebone Lounge to actually take part in the live broadcast event, or tune in via the web at or on the airwaves at 107.3fm. Members, volunteers, listeners and all folks of all ages who wish to attend are welcome!

This event also features a potluck and Secret Santa swap. Bring a food item to share and a $5-15 gift to take part.

Mark your calendars for the grandest tradition of them all, Keggnog ’14!

Local 107.3FM Summer Fundraiser & Silent Auction


Local 107.3 FM is hosting a Summer Fundraiser and Silent Auction on July 26th, 2014 at Bourbon Quarter (112 Prince William St). The event serves as a fundraiser for our radio station to host the National Campus & Community Radio Conference in June 2015.

The event kicks off at 7pm with musical talents/ poetry by:

Wayne Hansen
Jeff McGrath
Gavin Downes
John Belyea
Megan James
Adam Smith
Emily Fox
Lydia Mainville
Drake Adams
Brandon Kingston
Jenna Albert

Poetry and spoken word will also be featured at the evenings event by local Saint John students, poets and more!

The event will be by donation of $2 or more. Door Prizes and 50/50 will be done as well as a silent auction with items from businesses across the city including:

Nails by Abby
Relish Saint John
Danny’s Mowing
Jeff McLennan
Famous Barbershop
Thrive Healing Centre
Courtney Gallery Photography
Theresa Buck – Scentsy Consultant
Bourbon Quarter
Arcade Box
Villa Madonna Retreat House

For more information or if you wish to make a donation or perform for the event please contact !

Local 107.3FM Music Review: Little You Little Me

Frankie Cankles is back with his thoughts on Little You Little Me’s debut, “What Have You Been Doing With Yer Time?”



I admit, the first time I heard this album I was confused. Having seen this band live a few times, I thought of them as fairly heavy. They’re younger than me, so my mind placed them in the “*-core” scene. This record isn’t that. (“What are they doing? The sounds are all wrong..?”)….. Now that it’s sunny out and we’ve both had some time, this record makes perfect sense. The guitars are more fuzzy than crunchy, the drums more roomy than gated/compressed, the fi is on the lo end. For me, the whole thing harkens back to the 1990s glory days when indie still meant rock. There’s a breadth of styles here at the point which we’ll call “where ‘punk’ meets ‘alternative.'” Some fast, some slow, some atmospheric darkness, some concise pop-rock writing of exactly the type for which I am a total sucker. A hint of country, a soupçon of surf. Distorted picking, sick shredding, double-kick. What more do you want? Not all of it works, but most of it does. My reference points for this kind of music are all fairly dated (caught myself thinking “Salmonblaster” at one point), but that’s exactly what I love about it. Braid? Husker Du? Starkicker? I’m sure there’s a ton of ’em I’m missing. It fits so neatly into my mental continuum that I don’t need a comparison. Is there still a market for this stuff? Somebody sign these guys and get it back on Much. I’m begging you.


Not Another Footnote: Fundraiser for LOCAL-FM & Third Space – May 17 @ 9:30PM

NAF Dance Party May 17-14 copy(1) (1)

Not Another Footnote is a Dance Party dedicated to the ladies of Soul, Rock, Pop, Disco, Funk, Hip Hop, and Dance. Multiple decades and genres will be crossed with the purpose of getting your soles on the dance-floor. Admission is pay what you can with all proceeds going to Third Space Gallery and Local 107.3FM!

Featuring the sounds and styles of Local 107.3FM DJs:
Kimmy Ho (Kim Hornak)
Stevie Dee (Steph Tierney)
Maggie Wheel (Linda Minor)
Bobby Babylon (Jud Crandall)

Date: May 17 2014
Time: 9:30 pm – 2:00 am
Place: Taco Pica

Local 107.3FM Music Reviews: Hand-drawn & Learning

Check out our music reviewers’ thoughts on some fine recent local releases. Frankie Cankles returns to for his thoughts on Hand-drawn’s “party” and we welcome Jarred Leblanc to the team to share why he thinks Learning has the “potential to become one of Saint John’s most critically acclaimed bands.”



Local kids Hand-drawn bill themselves as “ambient indie space-rock” (my own rearrangement of their bandcamp tags). While that’s true of their sonic approach (delays, reverbs and lo-fi textures abound), the songwriting on two-track EP “party” seems to be rooted in early-aughts punk/emo, more Saves The Day than Spacemen 3. Opener “Go” is pure melancholic pop; “No Windows” (my personal favourite) gets a little freakier. Sounds to these ears like a record I’d have picked up from a touring band during that sweet spot where I was still regularly hitting both all-ages and bar shows. Worth a spin if that’s your scene.



There are few albums in the local music scene that have had as much hype behind them as Learning’s debut. Ever since their formation a few years back, they have been building up their reputation as one of the scene’s most promising young bands, and on top of that nearly every member of the group has been involved in community radio in one way or another. Their names were out there, and people knew the name “Learning,” but nobody had the slightest clue what they were going to do with their sound.

On November 15, 2013, Learning finally released their long-awaited debut album on Sharktooth Records, entitled “Culkin”. The album had a sound that came from way out of left field while also remaining highly accessible, containing a sound that combined elements of indie rock, shoegaze and post-punk into one angsty, lo-fi package that is eclectic but never excessive. This is evident almost immediately from the opener “Time Of Quiet Reflection”, an instrumental track that is composed of layers of distinct, echoed instrumentation and vocal samples. Soon after the haunting atmosphere of the aforementioned track concludes, it fades almost seamlessly into the first non-instrumental track on the album, “Harper”, and this gives us a taste of what Learning is really about, with vocalist Caleb McKend’s discordant, passionate force proving to be the driving force behind the entire group. The instrumentals stand well enough on their own, but Caleb’s abstract lyricism and harsh vocal performance just adds to the juxtaposition of sound that is Learning.

For the most part, the album’s sound is consistent enough to provide a more than satisfying listen – which is why “Burth” is such a surprise. This is one of the few moments throughout the entire release where everything comes full circle and secures Learning’s place as one of the most unique bands our town has to offer. It is also the emotional peak of the album, with Caleb unleashing with some of his darkest lyrics through a vocal tone that can best be described as the sounds of despair. The instrumentation helps lay down the foreground for this emotional journey, bordering on post rock. It’s one of the few moments on the album where the group steps outside of their comfort zone, and it ultimately shows the potential they have to create a masterpiece at will.

As a whole, “Culkin” is a solid album, especially for a debut. Despite a few inconsistent moments here and there (“Orangcatanarang”), the album provides more then enough twists and turns to satisfy indie rock and post-punk fans alike. There is definitely room for improvement, but if they can find a way to create an album of tracks as consistent as “Burth”, there’s potential to become one of Saint John’s most critically acclaimed bands.