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Best of Saint John Music Poll – Nominees Announced!

BOSJUpdated HeaderWe are pleased to announce the nominees for the seventh annual Best of Saint John Music Poll!

Best Female Artist
Babette Hayward
Jessica Rhaye
Sadie Donahue

Best Male Artist
Adam Washburn
David R. Elliott
Wayne Hansen

Best Group
Little You, Little Me
Wooden Wives

Best New Artist
Bad People

Best Album
Learning – Culkin
David R. Elliott – Rearrange
The Playdates – The Sky Inside

Best Song
Learning – Burth
Little You, Little Me – You Shouldn’t Have To Sleep Alone at Night
The Playdates – Kids of Summer

Most Likely To Make It Big
Little You, Little Me
The Playdates

Best Musician
Adam Kierstead
Gavin Downes
Pierre Cormier

Best Venue
Pub Down Under
Peppers Pub
Sanctuary Theatre

Best Concert
I Love Livin’ In The Port City III – Peppers Pub, March 30, 2013
I Love Livin’ In The Port City IV – Peppers Pub, November 1, 2013
Truce 2013 – Peppers Pub, December 20, 2013

Best Radio Program
Deadly – 107.3FM
Maritime Disc Drive – 97.3FM
Vinyl Underground – 107.3FM

Best Video
Adam Washburn – So Heavy
David R. Elliott – Shadows
Little You, Little Me – You Shouldn’t Have To Sleep Alone At Night

Best Fan
Gavin Adams
Gordie Tufts
Katie Woodhouse

Best Album Artwork
Jessica Rhaye – Far Gone Lullabies
Learning – Culkin
Reagan’s Rayguns – Jeff

Winners will be announced at the Best of Saint John Music Awards, taking place at the Sanctuary Theatre May 16. The event features performances by Learning, The 506, Tomato/Tomato, and Reagan’s Rayguns, and is hosted by Chuck Teed, Clinton Charlton, and Anthony Enman. Stay tuned for more details in the coming days!

(Special thanks to the folks at Picaroons Traditional Ales, Pulp and Paper Design, Giraffecycle, Local 107.3FM, and BBQ Records for their continued support.)

Saint John Music Poll Update – April 15, 2014


We have confirmed act for the bill – Reagan’s Rayguns. They have an amazing disc they are about to unleash on the world, but until then you can check their discography here:

Two weeks left, and still a lot of tight races for this year’s voting. If you haven’t voted, click here:
Don’t worry about lobbying for votes – we’re pretty shameless here.

One more thing – I actually noticed a couple people complain about not knowing any Saint John artists. Well, now’s your chance to check some out. I made a list on my blog of acts that released discs in 2013 – go listen to them, and see if any are vote worthy.

Ok, that’s it – keep voting, and spreading the word!

Saint John Music Poll/Awards Update


Best of Saint John Music Poll Update – April 8, 2014

We’re two weeks in, and we’ve had one change to our event – it will now take place May 16th at 8:00PM in the Sanctuary Theatre. This will be the only time the date will change, I promise!

I’m happy to announce that we’ve confirmed our first performer at the event. CBC Searchlight Semi-Finalists Tomato Tomato are confirmed for the show, and will likely preview a song from their upcoming CD. You can hear/read more about the duo here:

There’s still three weeks left to vote, and it’s still anyone’s game. Please vote in the poll, share the event, and spread the word about your favorite artists!


Saint John Music Poll – Albums/EPs of 2013

BOSJM2014 Header

Since today is a snow day, I decided to share links to (almost) every Saint John artist that released an EP or album in 2013. If you want to discover some new music, or revisit music you’ve heard before, click the links below. And remember, while voting for your favorite artist in the poll might help them win a trophy, you can always vote with your wallet and download a track or two (or pick up a copy of their CD/cassette/LP at Backstreet Records or Second Spin).

Click here for the complete list of albums/EPs.