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Best of Saint John Music Poll Now Open!

It’s time for the fifth annual Best of Saint John Music Poll!

From now until April 1 you will be able to vote in up to 16 categories (you must fill out at least eight for the ballot to count). Once the poll closes, we will tabulate the votes and announce the nominees in each category. The winners will be announced this spring at our annual awards show (date and venue TBA)

A couple of other things to keep in mind:

1) Your votes should reflect what happened locally in 2011. For example:

– Album of the year needs to be a 2011 release
– Single of the year needs to be a 2011 release
– Album artwork was for a 2011 release
– Concert of the year took place in 2011

Bottom line – if your favourite artist didn’t do too much in 2011, please consider voting for someone else.

2) You must vote in eight categories for your vote to count. Your vote will not count if:

– You vote in one category and fill the rest of the categories with nonsense.
– You vote for the same band or artist in every category. For example, if I see a band name the in best record store, best fan, or best radio station category, you didn’t properly fill out the ballot. If you don’t have an answer, do a little research. You might discover some new music.

3) NO BALLOT STUFFING – one vote per person, not email address!

4) Don’t take this too seriously. This is about having a little fun, and celebrating our wonderful music community.

You can find the poll at Please spread the word!

(Special thanks to the folks at Giraffecycle and Local 107.3FM for their continued support.)