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gclogotransparentHi gang,

I’m pleased to hear everyone is enjoying the new site. A couple of things:

– The local bands pages have been unlinked from the main menu until a more efficient database for this information is designed, likely via a plugin similar to the gigs calendar. This type of listing remains difficult to keep up to date, but a dedicated individual to this resource would go a long way. This was an an oversight in the re-launch.

– We are seeking an additonal person to update Saint John events listings. If you are a promoter or venu owner who wishes to list their own events, please contact to make arrangements.

– If you’re having problems loading the new site, ensure to clear your cache. The site will not display properly with older versions of IE and some other browsers due to issues with CSS3 and HTML5.

– We are still seeking bloggers and event listers interested in covering the Moncton and Sackville regions. If you are such a person, please contact k.marino at gmail dot com.

– Giraffecycle now has a new dedicated loud music blogger (thanks The Minion) for the Saint John region.

– We are interested in additonal bloggers for all music and arts news, but particularly for arts and theatre coverage, any city.

– Please contact me for any additions you may have to the Wayback archives that might be of interest.

– Our contact info is changing soon to firstname at We’ll notify you when this shift is complete.

Thanks for your continued support.

Welcome Back

logoHello Giraffecyclers,

This update has been a long time coming. A bit of serendipity happened when server issues forced our hand to take some action on bringing Giraffecycle up to date. We deeply regret it took us this long to admit we were no longer serving the community to the best of our ability.

You’ll notice in addition to the redesign in appearance, the site is fully responsive for all devices. We also encourage you to engage with bloggers by commenting on their posts. Going forward, the site will be heavily integrated with social media. We hope you will engage with us in those realms as well. The forum will still be available for those who wish to utilize it, but keep in mind that support will be limited on that front.

Some bad news: We have lost the past shows archive from 2011 forward. You may notice some images missing from posts or pages for the time being as well, so please bear with us as we discover and correct those errors. The good news is we uncovered some old content from the depths of Giraffecycle archives, so look forward to seeing more additions to that soon.

We will be moving forward with expanding our outreach to the communities of Sackville and Moncton in order to fill the void the Locals site has left behind. If you are a member of those communities and wish to contribute to that effort, please contact us.

Thank you for everything you are.

– Kelly, Kate, Chuck, Eddie, Matthew & Team.