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Giraffecycle Picks of the Week – July 28

Welcome back, and enjoy our picks!

Patrick Reinartz’s Pick
Greg MacPherson – The Capital, Friday, July 29, 10:30PM

Winnipeg-based songwriter Greg MacPherson returns to the East Coast this weekend. His last album (Mr. Invitation, 2010) followed a four year gap between albums, but it seems he’s aiming to rectify that delay with the release of another brand new album in 2011. Disintegration Blues will be available this September. MacPherson will be joined in Fredericton by local favourites The Belle Comedians, as well as Cigarettes and Cannon Bros. His Fredericton gig will be followed up with an appearance at SappyFest in Sackville on Saturday.


Chuck Teed’s Pick
Mary Stewart – Somerset Pub, Thursday, August 4, 9:00PM

Mary has spent the last two summers working in Saint John as Rock It’s vocal instructor, and tries to squeeze at least one show while she is in town. This year she will grace the Somerset Pub stage, where she will hopefully captivate a large, appreciative audience (this means you, reader) with her poppy folk songwriting. Last year she was immersed in a song a day songwriting project – check it out at –  so you definitely know she’ll have enough material to keep you entertained for the evening.