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Giraffecycle Picks of the Week – September 29

Kelly Marino’s Pick – Third Space Gallery presents “Signals”
Le Faubourg – September 29, 7PM

Update: I had mistakenly identified “Signals” as the title of Sophie’s performance. It is in fact a series of works presented by Third Space throughout this fall and winter.

Third Space has moved on from their temporary home in Market Square. As part of Third Space’s “Signals”, Sophie Castonguay will perform at Le Faubourg, 125 Prince William Street between 7 and 8 PM this evening. Castonguay will present two performance pieces : « Je te donne ma parole » and « Tu m’enlèves les mots de la bouche ». The latter will ask the audience to read aloud sections of text in coordination with Sophie’s performance.

From Third Space’s website: “Sophie Castonguay has exhibited across Quebec and Ontario, as well as in Europe. Her work forms a commentary the nature of the audience and its role in performances, and often involves technology and new media.”

This is a bilingual performance by the Montreal based artist. An artist talk will take place Saturday October 1st at the Saint John Free Public Library from 2 to 3 PM.

Tiers-Espace présente « Signals »

Tiers-Espace a demenagé de leur espace temporaire à Market Square. La série « Signals » de Tiers-Espace commence avec une performance par Sophie Castonguay au Faubourg, 125 rue Prince William, le 19h à 20h ce soir. Castonguay présentera deux presentations, soit « Je te donne ma parole » et « Tu m’enlèves les mots de la bouche ». Ce dernier demandera aux spectateurs de faire la lecture d’extraits de textes dictant ainsi la présentation de Sophie.

Du site-web de Tiers-Espace : « Sophie Castonguay a exposé son travail à travers le Québec et l’Ontario ainsi qu’en Europe. Elle utilise fréquemment les nouveaux médias et nouvelles technologies et remet en perspective le rôle et la nature de l’audience dans le médium de la performance. »

Cette présentation par l’artiste montréalaise sera bilingue. L’artiste donnera une conférence le samedi 1er octobre, de 14h à 15h, à la Saint John Free Public Library.


Chuck Teed’s Pick – Rocky Horror Picture Show
Imperial Theatre – September 29 & 30, 8PM
October 1, 2PM and 8PM


I’ve yet to be disappointed with a Saint John Theatre Company performance, so I’m setting my sets high for this one. Best known as a 1975 classic cult film starring Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon (and let’s not forget Meat Loaf’s brilliant performance), director Stephen Tobias brings it back to stage for a four night run in Saint John. If this comes close to capturing the spirit of the film, audiences should be in for a treat. Of course, audience participation will play a large role in the show’s fun factor, and with this in mind, awards will be given out each night for best costume.