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History of Giraffecycle

gclogotransparentMatthew started Giraffecycle Zine in 1999 when he was a high school student, following the lead of the BBQ Report, then ran by Chuck Teed. The idea was to have online music reviews, show listings, and a message board for fans and musicians to connect. Initially there were a few print zines issued, but soon the site was entirely a webzine.

The site and forum have always been a hub for project creation. It was a good place to generate buzz and recruit musicians and volunteers for projects like the Deep End (2001-2002) and the later Saint John album compilations released by BBQ Records. Several of us got together in 2003 and put on a three day festival we called Giraffecyclefest. Annually, Chuck Teed produces the Saint John Music Poll, culminating in an awards show every Spring.

Beyond the creative work that is accomplished through the site, many people have met some of their dearest friends, band mates – and even spouses – via the message board.

The Giraffecycle site has had four main incarnations: from a basic HTML site, to PHP based in 2004, and finally to a WordPress install in 2011. In 2013 the site was updated once again to reflect today’s usage of blogs and social media. There has been a rotating group of folks involved over time including Chuck Teed, Dan Culberson, Mary Green, Brad Foster, Patrick Reinartz, and Josh Darrel, to name just a few. Matthew became less involved in the site as he moved out of province, but GC remains a labour of loved maintained by the current admin team. We thank everyone who has worked hard to keep the site going.

A few years ago we decided to expand reach to Fredericton. We look forward to serving more of the province in the future.

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