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Local 107.3fm Canada Day Fancy Time!

Set yr radio dials to Local 107.3fm (or yr Internets to all the live long day this Canada Day, July 1st, as we bring you another broadcast day filled to brim with frothy Canuck and Local goodness from dawn to dusk and beyond!

Check out the day’s programming schedule below, with extended broadcast hours to 4am, and let Local 107.3fm helm your soundtrack this Canada Day weekend!

7-7:30AM – Local 107.3fm Canadian Music Flow
7:30-9AM – Rusty Rail Saloon: 2010 Polaris Prize Long List Special
9AM-12PM – The Music Of Your Life *LIVE*
12-12:30PM – The Mark Radio: A Canadian Walks Into A Bar
12:30-1PM – The Mark Radio: Updating Canadian Identity
1-1:30PM – Friday At One: Slavery In America
1:30-2PM – The Mark Radio: How Happy Are Canadians?
2-3PM – Botanical Roots: 2008 Canada Day Special
3-5PM – Smashed! Blocked!: The Sadies Live In Concert Vol. 1
5-6PM – Rock Contours: Rick White Spotlight
6-7:30PM – Rusty Rail Saloon: 2011 SOCAN Special
7:30-8:30PM – Your Local Fix: 2008 Canada Day Special
8:30-10:30PM – Smashed! Blocked!: 2011 SOCAN Special
10:30-11:30PM – Slack Sabbath: BA Johnston 2009 Frosh Week Special
11:30PM-1:30AM – Screaming Seagulls: 2009 Canada Day Special
1:30-3:30AM – Saturday Night Dance Party: 2008 CanCon Special
3:30-4AM – Local 107.3fm Canadian Music Flow