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Local 107.3fm Top 30 For the Week Ending: Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Here are the latest Local 107.3fm charts for the week ending Tuesday, March 27, 2012.

This Week/Last Week/Artist/Title

1 re Adam Mowery St. Joseph’s Mechanical Penthouse
2 re Baby Eagle & The Proud Mothers Bone Soldiers
3 re Rose Cousins We Have Made a Spark
4 re Cousins The Palm At The End Of The Mind
5 re Lee Ranaldo Between The Times & The Tides
6 re David R. Elliott Blue Sky Country Gold
7 re Zeus Busting Visions
8 re Mike O’Neill Wild Lines
9 re B.A. Johnston Hi Dudes
10 re Brent Mason Old New Borrowed Blue
11 re Wild Hearses Ruins
12 — Paradise Animals Paradise Animals
13 re Paper Beat Scissors Paper Beat Scissors
14 — Maximum RNR The Black and White Years
15 re Trust TRST
16 re The Megaphonic Thrift The Megaphonic Thrift
17 re Seven Story Redhead Uptight/Downlow
18 — Ballgag ‘N Chaingang Ballgag ‘N Chaingang
19 re The Just Barelys Mad Bits
20 — Boxer The Horse French Residency
21 — The Vibrating Beds Sing The Blues
22 — Ketamines Spaced Out
23 — Cygnets Dark Days
24 re The Sturgeons The Wood Shop
25 re River CanCon Light Up To Burn Out
26 — Topanga Oceans
27 re Bella Clava Holy Crow
28 re Boys Who Say No Contingencies
29 re Phèdre Phèdre
30 re The Barmitzvah Brothers Growing Branches