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Music NB Nominations and Voting

The nominees are in and both member and public voting are now open! The Prix MNB Awards which will be handed out during a gala on Sunday, October 20, at the Imperial Theatre in Saint John.

Winners of MNB Awards will be selected by MNB members’ vote (50%), a jury vote (25%), and the general public (25%). Voting began online at on Monday, September 16 and ends on Wednesday, October 16 at midnight.

2013 Showcase Programming

Symphony NB, Pascal Lejeune, Jessica Rhaye, Lina Boudreau, Thom Swift, Clinton Charlton, Jinx the Cat, Danger Cat, Verse the Sun, Danny Boudreau are the latest artists and groups to have been added to the already announced list of performers. The public will also have the chance to see the performances of The Playdates, Adam Washburn, Ryan LeBlanc, Andy Brown, Mike Biggar, Shaun Ferguson, Sissy and the Hobos, Fair Trade Commission, Jonah Haché, Lovestorm, In Dreams, The BackYard Devils, Little You Little Me, The Cauldron Project, Scotty and the Stars, Stephanie Mainville, Shaun LeBlanc, Cédric Vieno, John Boulay Blues Quartet, Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire, Joey Robin Haché, Motherhood, Les Païens, Wooden Wives and Jimmy Lingley.


The public can now purchase tickets for the 4th MNB Awards gala through the Imperial Theatre Box-Office at the price of $25. They may also purchase the FAN Pass ($40) which grants access to: Showcases presented at The Sanctuary Theatre, Pepper’s Pub, Taco Pica, le Faubourg and the Export Buyers Showcase presented at the Delta. This pass also grants access to the Post Awards party. Also available, the FESTIVAL Pass ($80) which grants access to all events during Semaine MNB Week 2013 including the Prix MNB Awards Gala. To reach the box-office:


Music/Musique NB is proud to be partnering up with the following organizations, businesses and other funding parters to ensure this year’s Semaine MNB Week’s success: FACTOR, Musicaction, the Province of New Brunswick, the City of Saint John, Enterprise Saint John, Uptown Saint John, The Imperial, 97.3 The Wave and CHSJ Country 94.1, Molson, The Hardman Group, SOCAN, InterAction School of Performing Arts, Association régionale de la communauté francophone de Saint-Jean (ARCf), Pepper’s Pub, Hemmings House, Backstreet Records, Sounds Specialists Inc., Delta Brunswick, In Color, Bell Aliant, Windward Design, Arts Link, Taco Pica, le Faubourg, Long and McQuade, APEM, la SPACQ, la Maine Arts Commission and Sabian.

About Music NB

Music/Musique NB (MNB) is a provincial music industry association that provides a support network for musicians, managers, and businesses that are involved in the creation of music within the province of New Brunswick. MNB is a non-profit bilingual association with ties on regional, provincial, and national levels with government agencies and departments who enable us to lobby, promote our industry, and our artists whenever possible. MNB’s primary responsibility is to represent the interests of its members and foster the New Brunswick music industry. More details at


Directors’ Lifetime Achievement Award – Ken Tobias

Recognizing lifetime achievements with an award is something that was long overdue, according to MNB chairman of the Board of Directors, Richard Hornsby: “New Brunswick has a history of successful composers and musicians that have gone unrecognized. People that have made significant contributions to their art and the development of the industry need to be celebrated and rewarded for their dedication and contributions. It is with this award, we are changing that.”

The first Directors’ Lifetime Achievement Award, Ken Tobias, was born and raised in Saint John, NB, and is one of Canada’s most accomplished singer songwriters with a career that has spanned over four decades. Ken reached national prominence in the 1960’s as a cast performer on the Canadian television series Music Hop and on Singalong Jubilee. Early in his career Ken moved to Los Angeles where his first record, “You’re Not Even Going to the Fair”, was produced by Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers. Everyday throughout North America and Asia the songs of Ken Tobias are heard on Classic Radio. His credits include: nine award winning songs, ten charted songs, five songs documented by SOCAN for over 100,000 radio airplays in Canada and one song with 2-million worldwide sales by various artists in several languages. Now based in his hometown of Saint John, New Brunswick he is also an accomplished visual artist with hundreds of his paintings now hanging in homes in Canada and the United States.

Mr Tobias will receive his lifetime achievement award during the Prix MNB Awards Gala to take place on Sunday, October 20, starting at 8 PM at the Imperial Theatre. Tickets are currently on sale through the Imperial Theatre Box-Office. The evening performers and host will be announced in a future date.


Recording of the Year (anglophone): In Dreams (Sleepwalk); Danger Cat (The Danger Cat EP); The Motorleague (Acknowledge, Acknowledge); Ross Neilsen Band (Resurrection); Samantha Robichaud (In the Green Room)

Recording of the Year (francophone) : Danny Boudreau (Les p’tites heures du matin); Les Hay Babies (Le Folio EP); Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire (Hilaire à boire); John Boulay Blues Quartet (John Boulay Blues Quartet); Caroline Savoie (Laisse-moi rêver)

Group Recording of the Year (anglophone): The Motorleague (Acknowledge, Acknowledge); In Dreams (Sleepwalk); Danger Cat (The Danger Cat EP); Motherhood (Diamonds & Gold), Ross Neilsen Band (Resurrection)

Enregistrement de groupe de l’année (francophone): John Boulay Blues Quartet (John Boulay Blues Quartet); Les Hay Babies (Le Folio EP); Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire (Hilaire à boire)

Solo recording of the Year (anglophone): Ross Neilsen (The Shack Up Sessions); Shaun LeBlanc (Kaleidoscope); Andy Brown (Tinman); Marissa Rignanesi (This Side of the Snow); deathraysalad (FREE STUFF EP)

Enregistrement solo de l’année: Caroline Savoie (Laisse-moi rêver); Danny Boudreau (Les p’tites heures du matin); Laurie LeBlanc (Noir et blanc); Maxime McGraw (Maxime McGraw)

Enregistrement Instrumental Recording: deathraysalad (FREE STUFF EP); La Tour Baroque Duo (The Last Time I Came O’er the Moor); Ryan LeBlanc (Solitude)

Emerging Artists of the Year: John Jerome and the Congregation; Jimmy Lingley; Shaun LeBlanc; Stephen Lewis & the Big Band of One; Danger Cat

Découverte de l’année: John Boulay Blues Quartet; Les Hay Babies; Les jeunes d’asteure; Maxime McGraw

SOCAN Song of the Year (francophone): Danny Boudreau (La photo sur le mur); Laurie LeBlanc (Feu de rêve au Fond-de-la-Baie); Les Hay Babies (Obsédée); Maxime McGraw (Mon éternité)

SOCAN Song of the Year (anglophone): The Motorleague (North America); In Dreams (Sleepwalk); Andy Brown (Tinman); Redwood Fields (Accidentals); Shaun LeBlanc (Paradise)


Enregistrement Blues Recording: Gary Sappier Blues Band (The Gary Sappier Blues Band); John Boulay Blues Quartet (John Boulay Blues Quartet); Paul Douglas (Goodbye American Dream); Ross Neilsen (The Shack Up Session)

Enregistrement Rock/Loud Recording: The Motorleague (Acknowledge, Acknowledge); Verse the Sun (And Moon); Ross Neilsen Band (Resurrection); John Jerome and the Congregation (Ask Not What I Can Do For You, But What We Can Do Together); Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire (Hilaire à boire)

Enregistrement Roots/Folk Recording: Samantha Robichaud (In the Green Room); Danny Boudreau (Les p’tites heures du matin); Les Hay Babies (Le Folio EP); Becka de Haan (Long Awaited, Unexpected); Jared Lutes (When We Grow Younger)

Enregistrement Pop Recording: Redwood Fields (Accidentals); Shaun LeBlanc (Kaleidoscope); Caroline Savoie (Laisse moi rêver); Maxime McGraw (Maxime McGraw); Andy Brown (Tinman)

Enregistrement Country Recording: Laurie LeBlanc (Influences); Marissa Rignanesi (This Side of the Snow); Whitewater (Many Roads)

Electronic or Urban Recording: In Dreams (Sleepwalk); My Lost Era (Phantôme – Lonely Ghost); Bones & FWLR (Cerveau de bois – Remix); The Cauldron Project (Fire Pit feat. Wartime); The Trick (You Find It In Others EP)


Collaborative Musician of the Year: Kendra Gale; Jamie Guitar; John Boulay; Kyle McDonald; Samantha Robichaud

Video/DVD of the Year: The Motorleague (North America); The Cauldron Project (People Splode); Paul Douglas (Goodbye American Dream); Lovestorm (Now I Know You); The Playdates (Ashes to Airwaves)

Music Business of the Year: InterAction School of Performing Arts; Malkin Music/Cyber PR; BRandom Talent

Music Industry Professional: Sarah Nesbitt, Lynn Daigle, Chuck Teed, Jeff Liberty, Marc Xavier LeBlanc

Educator of the Year: Chuck Teed; Katherine Moller; Samantha Robichaud; Karl Gans, Michel Cardin

Expat of the Year: David Myles; Lisa LeBlanc; Lina Boudreau