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New Music at Local 107.3fm – Jan 13 2012

Wondering what new tunes our DJs readily have their hands on? Below is a list of the latest selections added into rotation at Local 107.3fm. Call 648-5925 when a DJ is taking requests to hear anything from these albums.

Girls Would Kill – Girls Would Kill
Owen Gilbride – Trax 2011
Phil Flowers – People People
Nothingilistic – Celebrant
Rae Spoon – I Can’t Keep All Of Our Secrets
Long Weekends – Don’t Reach Out 7″
Age of the Glaive – New Horizons
The Barmitzvah Brothers – Growing Branches
Hypnotics – static FUZZ radio
Jaidene Veda – Pisces Pendulum
The Lost Lovers Brigade – Little Skeletons
River – Light Up to Burn Out
Tim Bastmeyer – Tim Bastmeyer
Jenny Berkel – Here On A Wire
Carlo Meriano – Sticka Ikebana
Darlings of Chelsea – Panic Is Worse Than The Emergency
Bleeding Horse Express – Going South
Cannon Bros. Firecracker/Cloudglow
Ballgag N’ Chain Gang – Bang!
Vanessa Cardui = Thought Experiment
Edda Magnason – Goods
Collen Brown – Dirt
Simon TJ – Each Sparrow
Kirby Sewell Band – Bought Myself A Hammer
Darrelle London – Eat a Peach
Carly Maicher – Hiding
Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus
Sikala, Lemanczyk, & Hornby – Able To Fly
Stopped Caring – Grown-Ups
Breathe Knives/Kataplexis – Split
Society’s Ills – S/T
Corgasm – Corgasm