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Real Ponchos take new album on cross Canada tour


Vancouver’s Real Ponchos have only been playing together for a few years but they have impressively released an EP, and their debut full length ‘Since I Let you go’ which will drop May 8th.

Real Ponchos are comprised of Ben Arsenault, Emlyn Scherk, Michael Wagler and Emile Scott all have a long history of music under their belts. Vancouver natives Scherk, Arsenault and Scott have a long musical history that shows when listening to the tight jams on their debut album. Arsenault and Scherk previously played together in Montreal based alt-country band, Martyr & Pistol, while Scott and Arsenault have been making music together since high school. They recruited fellow Vancouverite Wagler to round out the band and the rest is history.

Ambition is a driving force behind most musicians and Real Ponchos is no exception,
“We are all passionate about music and we just wanted to play music, as simple as that sounds. There is a fire in all of us to create and make music”, said Arsenault.

Real Ponchos enlisted Jesse Gander (producer behind Japanroids and the Pack AD) who has produced over 400 albums, to record and co-produce their debut album. “Emile was looking around for a place for us to record and he came upon The Hive. Jesse has worked with some very talented and well known Vancouver musicians. He is very experienced and professional and the album turned out great”, said Arsenault.

Real Ponchos had the opportunity to record at the now defunct Vancouver’s Hive Creative Lab studio, the recording list reads as a who’s who of Vancouver bands past and present.
“I think we were one of the last bands to record at The Hive, it was a great studio, laid back, good vibe. Everything except the vocals were recorded live off the floor.”

Real Ponchos band name is a nod to Frank Zappa, but their list of influences steers towards classic rock, roots and country. If you are a fan of Levon Helm and The Band, then these guys will be right up your alley.
“We are huge Levon and The Band fans. Definitely a huge influence on us. As well as Neil Young and Tom Petty. Some newer stuff like War on Drugs, Sonny and the Sunsets, Beachwood Sparks,” said Arsenault.

“We are definitely looking forward to getting out to the Maritimes. A few of us have been to Nova Scotia and PEI before, but it will be our first time to New Brunswick.”
Arsenault not only has the debut album to celebrate, but he also just finished his degree. “We have the album to celebrate but I also just finished my Law Degree at University of Victoria so it’s going to be a great tour, a cool way to end the school year.”

If you are looking for an awesome album to go along with your upcoming summer road trip, I highly recommend throwing the Real Ponchos on your playlists.

Real Ponchos Debut album, Since I Let You Go, will be available May 6th.

You can catch Real Ponchos as they make their way to the Maritimes: The Roxstone Café in Fredericton on May 22nd, at The Carleton in Halifax on May 23rd, at the Red Herring in St. Andrews on May 24th, at Baba’s in PEI on May 27th and at Plan B in Moncton on May 28th.

You can stream the entire Since I Let You Go album over on Exclaim