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Slack Sabbath Vol. 1: 2008-2011 Now Available As "Name Your Price"

Slack Sabbath Vol. 1 features 18 live cuts from the Local 107.3fm vaults, 2009-2011. Slack Sabbath aired Friday afternoons weekly over a three year span, broadcasting bands from all over Southern New Brunswick and even one very special guest from Japan. Initially conceived and executed by Local-fm Programming Director Jud Crandall with a crew of volunteers, Swagger Studios’ Adam Dincorn became involved halfway through Season 2, taking over (and improving upon) production with support of staff and volunteers. Hosted initially by Amanda Ryall and later by Anthony Enman, the compilation includes a track from Ryall’s own show, Port City Talent, a live recording of Adam Mowery (who’s own Slack Sabbath performances never recorded well due to human and technical difficulty).

Now available for as little as $0!