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THIRD SHIFT Public Art Project – Call for proposals

THIRDSHIFTSaint John, NB – Call for Proposals for Temporary Installations and Performance Deadline: Monday, June 1st, 2015

The passionate folks at Third Space Gallery are excited to announce that the artist run centre will be facilitating Saint John’s very first night time exhibition of public contemporary art projects. This special evening and all supporting activities and endeavours presented by the centre will be known as Third Shift. Third Shift will occupy a small section of the Trinity Royal historic district between 7p.m. and midnight on August 21st, 2015.

Third Shift aims to inspire Saint John residents to reimagine their city, reclaim vacant and under-utilized areas and engage with the Trinity Royal historic district of the uptown area. Artists will be considering the physical presence of the area’s architecture to develop and exhibit their projects, making this experience unique to our the city.

Echoing Third Space’s mandate, Third Shift will highlight the work of emerging and established artists who cross disciplines and boundaries in their examinations of contemporary culture. We are encouraging artists to propose projects that employ the use of sound, light, sculpture, and performance.

All Third Shift activities are free and open to the public


Guidelines for Third Shift project proposals


Everyone is encouraged to submit a proposal.

Project proposals will be reviewed and selected by a committee of Third Space Gallery members.

Projects primarily of a commercial nature will not be accepted.

Projects must be temporary or ephemeral in nature.

Projects that are developed specifically for Third Shift will be given priority. Please click here for more information about the streets and areas designated for Third Shift projects.

Artists are encouraged to specify the preferred location for their projects. Given the mysterious nature of the area for artists who are from out of town, Third Space Gallery is happy to work with selected artists to find appropriate spaces for their projects.

Third Space Gallery will be paying selected artists an honorarium fee in accordance to the 2015 CARFAC fee schedule. The fee will be paid in 50% increments before and after the completion of the project.

Third Space Gallery cannot provide financial assistance for project materials or equipment, but if you tell advise us the Committee of any specific needs, they will help facilitate your project to the best of our their ability.

All projects must be prepared for inclement weather.

Third Space Gallery will not be covering damage to art or installations. Participating artists will be required to sign a waiver to this effect.

If accepted, projects must be installed and exhibited in a safe manner and abide by all relevant by-laws, laws and safety standards. Adherence to matters of public safety will be assessed and evaluated by the Third Shift committee in consultation with City of Saint John.

Third Space Gallery will not be covering costs of shipping project materials, artists’ travel or accommodations.




Please send your project proposals by e-mail to Please identify your application with the subject line: THIRDSHIFT2015

Submissions should include:

A clear and concise description of project, including
•Technical requirements
•Plan for installation
•Preferred location (general or specific)
•Possible safety concerns

(maximum 700 words)

MAXIMUM 10 images (JPEG, 300 dpi)

Numbered image list, including title, medium, dimensions, year (where applicable)

If including digital video and/or audio files (less than 5MG each) please include a weblink

Artist CV (maximum 3 pages)

Artist statement (maximum 250 words)

If you have any questions about Third Shift and/or Third Shift Residency please contact Third Space Gallery’s programming chair, Emily Saab at

DEADLINE is Monday, June 1st, 2015

About the area

The location of Third Shift will be within the Trinity Royal Heritage Conservation Area, a historic district in Saint John, New Brunswick. The City of Saint John adopted its first Preservation By-law in 1982 and designated 20 blocks of the uptown, recognized as Trinity Royal. The Trinity Royal Heritage Conservation Area consists of a collection of commercial and residential, Italianate, and Second Empire, buildings that were built between 1877 and 1881, after two-thirds of the City was destroyed by the fire. The Great Saint John Fire was catastrophic and these masonry buildings serves as a reminder of that fire and the strong will of the residents of Saint John to rebuild the city as well or better than the city that was lost.

Artists are invited to incorporate Saint John’s cultural landscape and the built history of the site in the artwork submissions.

Focusing on the cross section of Cantebury St., and Granan Ln., Click here to explore the area.

Third Space/Tiers Espace Member Appreciation Night – September 10th!

Third Space Member Appreciation Poster

Did you miss out on last year’s GALA-VANT? My sympathies! Whether you’re a new or old member of Third Space (Saint John’s only artist-run gallery), you’re welcome to attend! Get to know the board and enjoy refreshments, door prizes, and a look back at this past year’s accomplishments.


6-9 PM

All are invited at 9PM to a free after-party at the Rebellious Jukebox // Callahan’s Pub featuring Vogue Dots and drink specials.

2014 Spring Gallery Hop Friday

Pip Project no. 18: Duke & Germain 2

Pip Project no. 18: Duke & Germain 2

The spring gallery hop has got to be my favourite. The cobwebs have just been shook off, the patios are under construction, and a winter’s worth of work is freshly hung.

I’m personally rather excited for Sarah Jones’ Pip Project debuting at Jones Gallery and stopping in to the Prince William Street Studio Collective (an unofficial hop stop).

Join me for a walk around the block and a sip at Happinez, won’t you?

Hop Map

Hop Map

“This City, My Love” opens in Saint John, Friday

Third Space gallery brings back Victoria Stanton’s “This City, My Love: Mapping the unspectacular in Saint John”. To those that love it, Saint John is anything but unspectacular. Last year, the Montreal based artist travelled to Saint John for the first time, meeting locals and travelling to sites which held meetings for them throughout her month long residency.

“I encountered this city through the eyes of the locals, stepping into another world while discovering the myriad of stories that make up the multiple invisible histories of Saint John and those that live here.”

In the second stage of this project, Victoria is returning to Saint John to construct an unconventional map of human encounters. The exhibition will contain photos, notes, drawings, film, and other artifacts recalling her visits and the memories that were recounted to her – the memories that have now become her memories.

Victoria’s exhibit will be located in the Saint John Art Center from March 14th to May9th, in the Saint John Gallery. Tour of Invisible Saint John with Victoria and SJ’s Peter Josselyn will be held March 15th and 16th in the afternoon. Space is limited, so please contact Third Space Gallery

The City, My Love (mapping the unspectacular in Saint John) – exhibition preview! from Victoria Stanton on Vimeo.

Victoria Stanton (Montreal, Canada) is an interdisciplinary artist working with live action, human interaction, video, film, photo, drawing, and writing. Continually exploring within such diverse media, while the outward results of her practice may manifest in a multiplicity of forms, performance is the unifying central focus and invariable core of her research.

Stanton is currently working on her second book, this time with the TouVA collective (comprised of Anne Bérubé, Sylvie Tourangeau and Stanton), a critical work developing salient notions on how performance is practiced and on the question of ‘the performative.’