Music & Arts news from Southern New Brunswick

This weekend: Penny Blacks & Bolivia, Local 107.3 Fundraiser

Friday night the Bourbon Quarter crams two large bands on one tiny stage. Penny Blacks performs with guest Bolivia, a five piece folk-pop group from Sackville, N.B. Bolvia is pleased to entertain you with lovely five-part harmonies and a delightful mix of instruments including cello, mandolin, accordion, ukulele, guitar and toms. They should be a fantastic compliment to your local loves Penny Blacks. Showtime is 9PM and cover is 8$. Advanced tickets suggested due to limited space.

The Somerset Pub is graciously hosting CFMH Local 107.3’s spring fundraiser on Saturday at 9PM. This production is a bit of a revial of the Foolapalooza shows that some may remember. The Smiths will be headlining following a reading by Allen Ginsberg (it’s a long flight from the great beyond, I tell ya), and other special special musical guests. Cover is 5$ but additional donations are accepted.